From MacDraw To iPadDraw?

A million years ago I made my coin doing documentation for a banking system. I had to do charts like this:

In those primitive days, I used MacDraw 1.x for that.

Which was great. It was so easy to align objects and to combine several items into one.

Then MacDraw 2.x came along and it was a real PITA to use.

Then MacDraw went away altogether.

I’ve missed MacDraw all these years. There’s really been nothing else like it. There have been times when I’ve really needed to do illustrations based on polygons and MacDraw was so simple to use and I could whip out a chart fast.

Will there be such a beast for the iPad?

I don’t know. But this experimental app called Freeform sure brings back some memories and incites my old MacDraw lust:

2 responses to “From MacDraw To iPadDraw?

  1. As a big user of Omnigraffle, by the folks at ‘The Omni Group,’ I’m really looking forward to see Omnigraffle iPad edition.

  2. I loved MacDraw. I still have a manual I made with MacDraw and DECpage, the worst desktop-publishing program ever.