Welcome To The iPad’s Age Of The MEGA App!

Holy cow. Some intel crossed my desk here.

If you have kids and went for a 16GB iPad, you might want to rethink that idea.

Look at this, available for the iPad next Saturday:

That would be near 1/32nd of a 16GB iPad’s storage. So, get 31 more games like that — only US$247.69 if they’re each just US$7.99! — and bam! that iPad is almost filled.

Don’t think this will stop with games! Multimedia digital books are large too.

In my iTunes Library, I have the Vook edition of The Sherlock Holmes Experience, which was given away free during the Christmas season. Look at its size:

Click = big

And now look at the Enhanced Editions version of Bunny Munro:

Click = big

Both of those multimedia digital books are for the iPhone. The videos are scaled to the small iPhone screen. How many hundreds of megabytes would be added when the videos are re-encoded for the larger iPad screen?

And now consider how much multimedia would be inside a digital book for children! It would be much more than that for an adult.

If you’ve been planning on buying a 16GB iPad, you might want to start rethinking that idea. It could fill up very, very fast.

5 responses to “Welcome To The iPad’s Age Of The MEGA App!

  1. Very true. I have a gen. 1 iPod Touch and it takes thought to keep space available for things.

  2. I’m getting the 64BG just for that reason. In fact, if they would have made a 128GB model I would have bought that one.

  3. Like with my iPhone, I add and delete as my interests change. I will do the same thing with my iPad so the 16GB is fine for me.

  4. I guess Apple was smart, requiring a host with a library of apps that can be switched out. That’s what I do with my Touch. Wish I could organize apps by subject. Maybe that’s the function of the iBook service?

  5. Definitely wouldn’t take me long to fill a 16GB model.