More iPad App Screensnaps

How did we ever live without the Internet?

And how did we ever dredge up stuff before Twitter?

Devs are springing leaks on Twitter. It seems like I’m the only person not working on an iPad app!

After the break, new screensnaps, some which have never been published widely before.

Design Brief

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Spilling the beans on Comic Zeal V4

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This really excites me:

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Scanned comic files! It can read them.


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Delivery Status

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Only a partial screen right now.


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This one interests me as it claims to be a new eBook reading app!

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No screensnap for this one, but clickthrough for the intriguing description in the upper right sidebar: Textual App

No screensnap for this, either: Mobile Author 1.0 — not even descriptive text!

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  1. Screen shot of another iPad can be seen at: