Hey TV Guide! Make Us An iPad App!

Only people of a certain age will understand this post.

Once upon a time, there was this thing printed on paper that came out every week. It was called TV Guide.

Image from the Bat-Blog

I’d grab that TV Guide and mark up in red pen all the TV shows and movies I’d watch in the next week. There were also great articles and sometimes even two-page spreads showing some special effects behind the scenes (a memorable one was the set for Time Tunnel).

It was like the Internet of the day back then.

Well, Walter Annenberg jumped out of print and sold TV Guide to Rupert Murdoch. Who immediately ruined it. Dumbed it down disastrously.

But the original TV Guide had wonderful covers and wonderful features.

And I’d like to see those covers, at the very least, turned into a digital book.

Today I came across a review for The Official Collectors Guide to TV Guide.

I don’t want that in print. I want it as a digital book!

The iPad screen size would allow those original digest-sized covers to be reproduced actual size. They’d look gorgeous on that screen.

I have no idea how gargantuan a digital book this would be. But I would buy it. So would many others.

Do it, TV Guide!


3 responses to “Hey TV Guide! Make Us An iPad App!

  1. I used to read this until the print disappeared. I’d also buy the ebook.

  2. I knew you’d be at least one other person who’d want this too!

  3. I’d buy a copy of that. But what I really really really want is a well made compendium of National Geographic magazine.