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You Is Now, But You Will Be Was.

Eoin Purcell usually doesn’t get up my nose.

But he did today. With this tweet:

But that’s the way it goes!

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One Million iPads Sold!

That’s how many Apple ordered built.

Now the first day’s allotment — all one million! — have been sold out.

That will be at least a half billion dollars of revenue flowing into Apple.

That’s not even including Apple’s cut from the iPad app sales.

And it’s just begun.

Before the end of this year, there will be more iPads sold than Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and all other eInk devices combined.

Print publishing better wake up.

Borders is dead. Barnes & Noble … well, it has software for the iPad. Sony Reader? No next generation for that! Amazon? Do they care?

And if you don’t believe this post, who else told you iWork was coming for the past two years?

Dig it.

The touch revolution has begun. Get to work.

More iPad App Screensnaps

How did we ever live without the Internet?

And how did we ever dredge up stuff before Twitter?

Devs are springing leaks on Twitter. It seems like I’m the only person not working on an iPad app!

After the break, new screensnaps, some which have never been published widely before.

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Hey TV Guide! Make Us An iPad App!

Only people of a certain age will understand this post.

Once upon a time, there was this thing printed on paper that came out every week. It was called TV Guide.

Image from the Bat-Blog

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Welcome To The iPad’s Age Of The MEGA App!

Holy cow. Some intel crossed my desk here.

If you have kids and went for a 16GB iPad, you might want to rethink that idea.

Look at this, available for the iPad next Saturday:

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Will Apple Refund “Defective” eBooks?

I’m still shocked by Apple’s decision to go with ePub.

Was that decision purely knee-jerk? Did anyone research the problems of ePub?

And what will Apple do when those problems bite them?

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