Not From Apple: iPad Digital Magazine Creation

That Sports Illustrated noisy digital magazine demo?

Here’s the program that created it:

Sneak Peek: iPad Digital Magazine Production with InDesign + Content Station

There is absolutely nothing here that iWork’s Pages couldn’t do — faster, cheaper, and easier.

If Steve Jobs would so decree it!

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3 responses to “Not From Apple: iPad Digital Magazine Creation

  1. Can he please stop saying dossier, call it issues, eContent, something else, please. I’d like to see how you could do this so that you aren’t spending thousands on software. As Mike says, iWork pages could do this along with keynote I would imagine you could have some great looking pieces.

  2. He needed a term other than file, because they weren’t files. Nor were they folders. Maybe Stack would have been a better term.

  3. Dossiers are actually the name of the entity in WoodWing’s content management system. They look and act like folders, but the official term is called dossiers.