Ustream For iPad: Killer App

I love Ustream.

But my crap PC doesn’t.

What used to be a guaranteed smooth experience has become progressively chancy due to Windows Updates sabotage. (It’s no wonder people strip off Windows for OS X on netbooks!)

Today I was reminded of how valuable Ustream will be for the iPad thanks to Scott McKain.

Scott popped up on Twitter earlier today to announce he was going live on Ustream.

This I had to see:

It worked OK, but not as smoothly as it used to for me.

Which is why Ustream is going to be a killer app for the iPad.

Imagine being able to sit back and lounge in a great chair and listen to Ustream events.

What future lunchtimes will look like!

This would kick the hell out of TV in so many ways.

For one, Ustream events are live.

Second, we tune in because we are immediately interested.

Third, videocasters usually also post the recorded event so others can catch it later. Who cares about having to set a DVR? Someone else does that archiving for us!

Fourth, we can see videos of events that no one in the MSM ever deems worthy to cover, much less note (tell me, have you ever seen even a local newspaper mention an upcoming live video event available on the Internet — one that didn’t tie into local politics?).

Fifth, Ustream events are interactive. We can ask questions and also discuss things with others in a chat room.

There’s been a Ustream app for the iPhone [App Store link].

But one for the iPad — and they had better be working on it! — would be absolutely killer.

Let me tell you one thing right now: People will hold off upgrading their crap desktop machines — like me — and instead turn to the iPad to do things their older machines can’t handle — like video!

I could have been sitting at my desktop with the iPad in its cradle, watching Scott without any of my desktop CPU being used up. Owners of older machines are going to be huge iPad customers. Thanks, Microsoft!

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