Sneak Peeks Of More iPad Apps!

An iPad App to Make You Smile…or Doodle

What’s interesting about this one is it will allow marking up PDFs — as well as saving files as PDFs.

And Bento is coming for the iPad!

Zach Waugh has an unknown iPad app coming.

Amps & Cabs – Put Some Amps in Your Pants

Members-only Gilt Groupe will have an app too.

Stay Tuned is another with an app or two coming up.

Australia’s First iPad app: Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine by mogeneration

Doesn’t this look better than eCrap ePub for a digital book?

Click = big

Click = big

Sunset Lake Software has an iPad version of Molecules coming:

Click = big

iPad App Demo: BuzzVoice Reads Your News/Blogs To You

There’s an app submitted by Drudoo (who looks very young!).

Randa Solutions has also submitted an app for education.

HiTask has a project management app:

Click = big

Monstamac has submitted an app. The iPhone app is Diddy DJ.

Objectgraph has an iPad app.

ShiftyJelly has submitted an iPad app. One of two!

Will we go retro with C64 Paint?

C64 Paint is an app that lets you paint on a canvas up to 160 by 200 pixels with all the 16 colors of the classic 8-bit computer of the 1980s, the Commodore 64. This is the paint program from 1984: The KoalaPainter to your KoalaPad. The AtariArtist to your Atari Touch Tablet

Click = big

Pixel Mags will have Dwell magazine ready for the iPad.

Jesse Waites of Phantom Particle has submitted an app.

At least one iPad app will have songs in it.

Activ Right Brain has an app too.

Alex Meyer has submitted an app.

The iPad version of Schlock Mercenary has been submitted. See:

Matt Tuzzolo has submitted an iPad app.

And padBoard is a collaborative whiteboard.

There will be an iPad version of EZ-Tweet coming.

And CBS leaked they’re working on iPad too.

Invisible Bits has submitted its app.

Amro Mousa has been working on an iPad app.

There is something called SmartNote waiting to be released.

And if you want to learn about even more apps, see these two posts:
iPad App Roundup and Apple Leaks Approved iPad Apps.

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  1. We are going to be wowed!