Pretty RSS For iPad: Spreads

Meet Spreads

For years we’ve had a love/hate relationship with our RSS readers. We love the blogs we read. So much so, that we subscribe to their feeds. We want to get their new posts directly to our desktops, but something is a bit off.

We feel the feed reading experience isn’t as much fun as it’s supposed to be. The content is sanitized. The blog’s design is lost and everything is laid out badly, in an endless stream of text. Add to this the intimidating unread count badges and the whole experience becomes too stressful.

I don’t use RSS.

For one, it requires an app. I don’t want something else clogging my weak machine.

Second, if you don’t go the app route, it’s via the web. And most people say use Google Reader. Tried that. Forget it!

If they nail this …

… I’ll be using RSS for the first time regularly.

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