What Is The Ultimate iPad Chair?

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the posture I’d like to have while using an iPad.

The iPad is the first computer that cries out for comfortable lounging.

Last night, before sleep, with an aching back, I was thinking about how I’d like a chair that soothes my back and would also be great for using an iPad.

I know there are people out there who are geeks for chairs and furniture, and maybe you can drop recommendations in Comments. (At one point, I expect someone to create an actual entire blog devoted to this topic — probably pictures of people lounging with their iPads. The person creating such a blog will not be me, however!)

Today I came across what I think would be the ultimate chair for me. But, man, is it expensive!

See it after the break.

Varier Gravity Balans Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

It looks like something out of an SF movie!

But doesn’t this look so damned comfortable? Look!

The price? Over two high-end 3G iPads! US$1,995.00. Ouch.

What are your recommendations for iPad lounging furniture?

18 responses to “What Is The Ultimate iPad Chair?

  1. Do you have one of those? I’ve always been skeptical of memory foam. Doesn’t it eventually wear out? Then again, at that price, would you care if it lasted only a year? Well, OK, I would, because I’m a cheap bastard.

  2. I’ve slept on memory foam beds, and they’re awesome. But, I’ve been skeptical about getting that chair largely because it screams “eternal bachelor” to any woman who enters the premises.

  3. I’m afraid I’d just fall asleep in something like that — then drop my iPad…..

  4. Be brave! I’d like to try out something like before spending money. I’ve been able to sit on a memory foam bed but that doesn’t say anything about what my back would be like after sleeping on one.

  5. Hmmm… need a stand to hold the iPad then.

  6. Yes, I think you’ll quickly get tired of holding 1.5 lbs in that position. Even if it does look tempting.

  7. the stand to hold the ipad is key. and, someone will make a ton of money when they come up with a really cool ipad stand. or even maybe an ipad hover type gizmo. yes, that would be cool. or what about a harness that you could wear that you could attach the ipad to?
    I have lots of ideas, Mr. Cane. Don’t even get me started.

  8. Mike, you need to take a vacation from your obsessive premature iPad-fixation. In 11+ days’ time you’ll get your iPill to suck on for your heart’s desire. As for a chair, any old sofa with enough pillows to prop yer up will do fine. Rather than thinking about that, you should be preparing a couple of 100%-guaranteed little-fingers/ cat-proof places around the home where (and only there!) you’ll be putting down the tablet, and not worry about it while at rest.

  9. WTF is your problem, man? What is this site about? You’ve made a wrong turn somewhere on the Internet. Turn around and go away.

  10. Forget about iStands – they’d tie one up to specific postures and places. iPad is all about freedom of deployment (not “mobility,” mind). Each of us will soon discover postures and methods to prop one up using available items, books, and body parts. I think the most popular iGrip will be resting one end of portrait iPad on one’s breast or stomach; another, more upright, craddling it in the nook of left arm’s elbow while controlling it with right hand/ palm/ fingers. For some strange reasons the demo Apple video did not show those two, to me pretty natural, and by now empirically tested[*], tablet-handling postures.

    [^*] No, I don’t have an iPad, but I’ve found a hardcover book of nearly the same size and volume, weighted it down with steel plates to simulate the weight, pasted a correct size “screen” onto it, and now carry it around the home to see how it will feel. Which is “just fine.”

  11. No, this second Comment doesn’t erase the first.

  12. Isn’t it interesting how people who aren’t driven to write a lot about a topic criticize those of us that are?

    That chair looks like is very comfortable but I have to say that it gives me the impression that getting in and out of it could be a bit cumbersome. Let us know once you’ve managed to try one out.

  13. >>>Isn’t it interesting how people who aren’t driven to write a lot about a topic criticize those of us that are?

    Yes. I hate that.

    According to the site, simply leaning forward should bring it upright. I wonder if this chair is in any store around here where I could try it. Seeing the price, they’d probably charge for a fondle, ha!

  14. If just leaning back will bring it forward, I imagine that the getting in process will be a lot like falling backwards!

    If you manage to get allowed to do an experiment and survive the initial heart attack, we’ll know if it really is worth the price. :-)

  15. Hmmm…. maybe have something nearby to push up from? This is getting very complicated for what is intended to be carefree relaxation!

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