iPad Links: Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order. These posts will likely be discontinued once an iPad is in hand.

Steve Jobs: “I Almost Died”
10 Things Nintendo and Sony Have Learned from Apple

A jar full of fail: Why tipping and donations don’t work on the internet
Action Streams: A New Idea for Social Networks
For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature
Why your kids will not read as much about World War I as you did.
Wikipedia: List of Internet phenomena

The Down Side of Self-Control
How to Increase Your Self-Control Without Really Trying
When the Power Runs Out, We’ll Just Hide
YES!! PSA: To All the People In My Life, Present and Future
Another 1960s childhood surprise: How To Say It?
Why Start-ups Fail at Marketing — and Possible Solutions
A great product isn’t enough. Why your startup needs a STORY
First Seven Questions
How we increased the conversion rate of Voices.com by over 400%

Newspapers and the iPad
A look at how newspapers should tackle the iPad
4 Myths the Apple iPad Wants to Explode
FoxTrot comic: iPad vs. Flash
10 Application Ideas for the Apple iPad
Tablets have always sucked…
The Third Generation of Personal Computers
Designing OmniGraphSketcher for the iPad
Ten Parts! iPad model tutorial
Kindle App for iPad

iTunes/App Store:
Paid smartphone apps – half get under 1,000 downloads! What does this mean

The Complete iPhone Development Toolbox

Mac OS X/Palm Reference:
Move Memos from a Palm device into the iPhone’s Notes app
PalmOS to iPhoneOS migration notes

Palm Deathwatch:
‘iPad Killer’ May be Palm’s Last Hope
RIP Palm: it’s over, and here’s why

UI/Web Design:
iPad Templates and Stencils
Buy the book: Smashing Magazine Needs Your Help
Scrolling and Attention
Scribd gets Designd
HOWTO: CSS for the iPad
Design & Code a Cool iPhone App Website in HTML5
How to Create Inset Typography with CSS3
1: CSS Beginners Do’s and Dont’s Part 1
2: CSS Beginners Do’s and Dont’s Part 2
1: CSS vendor prefixes considered harmful
2: Not Supported

Introduction to Category Theory

Perseus Signs an EBooks Deal for the iPad
eBook Piracy And The Moral Hazard Of DMCA
Fashion Democracy
A tale of two industries: games and books
Suppose all Books are Apps?
Digital Reading Standards: The Monopolist’s Tale
Bedtime for Bezos: OR Books Says “Thanks, But No Thanks” to Amazon
Why Blippy Will be Huge: Popularity Modeling, Consumer Tech and the Music Business
What Does Grisham’s E-Book Move Mean?
A “Smash”-Course on Ebooks: Interview With Mark Coker
The Press
Newspapers are the biggest threat to the nation’s mental wellbeing
Funniest redirects: We The Media – A quick timeline on the collapse of Cash Gordon …
Ken Scott Makes Records for Beatles, Bowie, Beck – And That’s Just the ‘Bs
ePub and CSS: a reading system perspective
Reading for a living

In every Links post, I try to pimp at least two eBooks (generally free ones). These will be consolidated into one post later on when traffic gets real here and people are looking for things to stuff into their iPad.

Free Warren Ellis comic: FELL issue one
Scripts by Warren Ellis (includes FELL, above)
Writers, who gets your digital remains?
Justice for Jack Kirby: A Supersized Custody Battle Over Marvel Superheroes
Doesn’t Matter, I Hate It

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  1. Wow–thanks for the great linkage! I’d need a time-turner to take in all this stuff properly, but having too much interesting info in hand to absorb is one of my favorite problems to have. :) Must. Read. Faster.