Videos: Three New Products For The iPad

I’ve been trawling through YouTube, looking for iPad stuff. The spammers are out in force (hint: do not believe the eBook videos — there is no “backdoor access” to the iBookstore!).

I found three interesting and what seem to be reputable videos of products coming Real Soon Now.

I like the look of this one: Tweeterena 2 for iPad

This is an imaginative use of digital toys: Redfish on iPad

And this seems clever for a case: Modulr Cases for iPad

If you’ve battled the spammers on YouTube and found some interesting vids too, leave a Comment.

One response to “Videos: Three New Products For The iPad

  1. Thanks for tracking these items down, saves me lots of time, but also has inspired me with new ways to think about the iPad. Those iPad naysayers won’t know what’s hit them in about 3 months!