The Best iPad Video: From Microsoft 2006!

Steve (Chippy) Paine over at UMPC Portal reminded me of a post he did to celebrate(?) the third anniversary of the Origami Project from Microsoft: 3-years ago. A Look Back at the Origami Buzz.

Oh how I remember back then. The speculation and anticipation were EPIC. Perhaps moreso than what the iPad has gotten — because this was all totally unexpected. And speculation went off the tracks to encompass the idea that this Origami thing would have a new OS — basically, what the iPad is now delivering!

The reality of Origami was very disappointing. But anyway. The video sure was neat!

So, let’s hit the WABAC Machine, Sherman, and get a glimpse of what April 2010 will be like from way back when in February 2006!

Hey, thanks Microsoft!


7 responses to “The Best iPad Video: From Microsoft 2006!

  1. James Bailey

    Hmm, the iPad OS isn’t new, it is iPhone OS 3.2. It’s almost 3 years after the 1.x release.

    Microsoft is pretty good at marketing videos but not so good at actually delivering usable mobile products.

  2. 4 letters

  3. The strange thing about the iPhone OS is no matter how old it is, it still feels new.

  4. Screen seems smallish compared to the iPad. Way to thick as well. I found that the woman sitting on the lawn chair actually pointing the device towards the desktop in the house was odd.. Bad connection? However for MS it was fairly cool.

  5. A bit of dramatic license there, to indicate she was connecting to her desktop. The video was very exciting back then. Too bad nothing that was released lived up to it!

  6. Apple Knowledge Navigator. Google it. Of course it was also vaporware but much earlier. The Newton did a lot of what Origami was supposed to do. Real artists ship is a quote that comes to mind.

  7. yes… a fantasy little plastic toy compare to a polished sculpture… they couldn’t do it right even w/ vaporware…

    how sad…