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iPad Links: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order. These posts will likely be discontinued once an iPad is in hand.

Apple Vs. Google: A Battle for the Future Is Getting Personal
Apple Inc v Wholesale Central Pty Ltd [2010] ATMO 7 (21 January 2010)

FSF: Bilski Oral Argument at the US Supreme Court
What If Metcalfe’s Law Is Wrong?
Seeks Project
Silently banned from Reddit…
Breakdown of the Blogosphere
Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand.
Discovery (and Innovation)
Paris in 26 gigapixels

David Nolan, 48, ‘the soul of Wetlands,’ dies
Animal groups: Could ruling lead to hunters shooting cats?
Obesity: The killer combination of salt, fat and sugar
Why Life is not fair
Sell. The. Fucking. Wine. Homeless man lives off hotel points from former life

Along the left side of the [rental storage] unit is a ceiling-high cabinet containing Kennedy’s 375-bottle wine collection he spent a decade amassing.

But It’s Still Shit: iBooks list view
Ultimate iPad Accessory? Globus
The iPad Puzzle Calls for Partnership
A Hidden Market for iPad Publications?
Reality Check … or Will That Be Cash?

iPhone Apps Are Underpriced
Appleton brothers’ game app addictive
@brandonsteili: And this is why we jailbreak… 70+ apps, 1 page on the iPhone

iTunes/App Store:
On needing approval for what we create, and losing control over how it’s distributed
We Will Get Fooled Again: Sam Adams

Mac OS X:

Invisible Flash

Documentary Heaven
Free Documentaries Online

MacArthur genius still fights for ragtime, after the money runs out
A world without newspapers?
YouTube and creative suicide
Book By Its Cover
Take your royalty checks, SoundExchange begs

UI/Web Design:
Time To Get Out Of The Bubble And Design For The Average User (Part 2)
Forms On Mobile Devices: Modern Solutions
Developers Offer Advice on Designing Mobile Sites, Apps
Input contexts: switching from mouse to keyboard
Consensus emerges for key Web app standard
Curtis CSS Typeface
Silk Icons
The Accomplished Designer

In every Links post, I try to pimp at least two eBooks (generally free ones). These will be consolidated into one post later on when traffic gets real here and people are looking for things to stuff into their iPad.

Concrete Underground by Moxie Mezcal
I Should Have Stayed Home by Horace McCoy
The Death Kiss by Horace McCoy
Fast One by Paul Cain
Literary rebels, the Unbearables rewrite the rules

The Best iPad Video: From Microsoft 2006!

Steve (Chippy) Paine over at UMPC Portal reminded me of a post he did to celebrate(?) the third anniversary of the Origami Project from Microsoft: 3-years ago. A Look Back at the Origami Buzz.

Oh how I remember back then. The speculation and anticipation were EPIC. Perhaps moreso than what the iPad has gotten — because this was all totally unexpected. And speculation went off the tracks to encompass the idea that this Origami thing would have a new OS — basically, what the iPad is now delivering!

The reality of Origami was very disappointing. But anyway. The video sure was neat!

So, let’s hit the WABAC Machine, Sherman, and get a glimpse of what April 2010 will be like from way back when in February 2006!

Hey, thanks Microsoft!