iPad 3G Disappointing Payment Options

Apple illustrates how to get 30 days of prepaid 3G wireless on the iPad.

The only payment options shown — and none are explicitly mentioned in the text — are these:

That’s a big personal disappointment.

I was really hoping there would also be the option of using iTunes Gift Cards or stopping into an AT&T Store (which are all over the place in NYC) to buy a prepay card.

Apple does explicitly state:

There’s no need to visit a store

But what about people who want to? Or even have to?

Aside from AT&T Stores being all over, so are iTunes Gift Cards. There’s even a local supermarket that sells them! And they’re available at most of the pharmacy chains (Duane Reade, CVS, etc) around here.

One response to “iPad 3G Disappointing Payment Options

  1. It seems they don’t even take pet-paid debit cards. I don’t want to use a credit card! I’m in the ATT store every month to use cash acceptance machine to pat for 3 iPhones… It would be convenient to also make my iPad 3G payment(s) the same way — why not?