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iPad Links: Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order. These posts will likely be discontinued once an iPad is in hand.

Apple’s future won’t be brought to you by the letter ‘i’

I Worry About Apple’s Propensity for Censorship, Do You?
Where are my effing e-books?

Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest

Big-Ass Message

Why new hard disks might not be much fun for XP users

5 things I “knew” (or should have known) before starting a company, but didn’t fully understand until now
I’ll bet you don’t know the answer to these three questions
Neil Postman – Bullshit and the Art of Crap-Detection
Fuck the Karate Kid

PixelMags – 100+ Magazine Apps for iPad
How the iPad Gets the Web Wrong

HoloToy on the AppStore now!

iTunes/App Store:
It’s All Our Fault: Why Building a Business on the Apple App Store is a Losing Proposition

Mac OS X:
Fairmount: Free & Open Source DVD Decryption

1: Self-published design book sells $20,000 in first two weeks
2: Tweet
3: REVIEW COPY: Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work By Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit
“E-book ISBN Mess Needs Sorting Out,” Say UK Publishers
Trad Author Goes Indie and Back
Everyone’s a publisher now
A Publisher’s Rant
Nine Steps to Verified Link Journalism
Variety Sued For Publishing A Negative Review
Getting Real
Epic Book Fail
Fadeout: Kieron Gillen on the End of ‘Phonogram’
On Anti-Fans and Paratexts: An Interview with Jonathan Gray (Part One)
On Anti-Fans and Paratexts: An Interview with Jonathan Gray (Part Two)

UI/Web Design:
Black Eye Design
The Complexity of Simplicity
Overdoing the interface metaphor
SVG Wow! Demos
Better Mobile Form Design
Everything you need to know about HTML5 video and audio
1960s & 1970s Scandinavian Design Logos

In every Links post, I try to pimp at least two eBooks (generally free ones). These will be consolidated into one post later on when traffic gets real here and people are looking for things to stuff into their iPad.

Brazil on Twitter — An Epic Twist on a Spellbinding Saga
Read an eBook Week: The Fob Bible
Giveaway by Steve Fisher
Opinion: Going the extra mile
Octavia Butler named to sci-fi hall of fame

Who Fatally Wounded Microsoft? It Was Bill Gates.

Why has Microsoft found itself in third place, behind Apple and now Google, in the mobile segment of computing?

When you stop to think about it, it’s shocking.

At one point, Microsoft crowed about how Handheld PC, Palm-Size PC (then Pocket PC), then Windows Mobile, then Windows Phone Edition, would rule the world.

Microsoft owned the desktop, so domination of mobile technology was only logical. It wouldn’t surprise me that Microsoft considered it was just about its birthright too.

So how is it that Apple is dominating mobile devices? How is it that Apple is set to revolutionize all of computing within a few weeks with its iPad?

The seeds of Microsoft’s destruction were planted over a decade ago, in a decision made by Bill Gates himself, when he was still the final word on all things Microsoft.

After the break, an excerpt from Breaking Windows: How Bill Gates Fumbled the Future of Microsoft by David Bank, published in 2001.

I won’t set it in Blockquote to make it easier to read.

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