This Week Only: Free eBook Library For Your iPad

Read an eBook Week ended at midnight Saturday, March 13, 2010. I’ve pulled this post down a bit early so as not to confuse people popping in here on Sunday (I do sleep before midnight, Pacific Time!).

The offers here are probably now all invalid, but I’ve linked to this post in another post or two, so this will stay.

This post is a sticky for this first week of March.

It’s Read an eBook Week.

But I will not use one of their craptastic banners. Really, they could have found some designers and artists to volunteer labor.

Instead, I use this:

The forces of devolution surround us. The only way to combat them is to read books. Books enlarge a person’s mind. Books enable people to experience other points of view. Books build lives.

Yeah, I know. All you want is the free merch. You uncircumcised heathen.

Click through for that.

To briefly recap what I wrote in How To Build An ePub eBook Library For Your iPad:

1) You will be able to put DRM-free ePub eBooks on your iPad via a Shared Folder to read in the iBooks app.

2) DRM-free PDFs should look especially good (since, unlike ePub, some are actually designed). Although it’s not yet clear what app will display PDFs, grab them anyway. To have. Go on, you know you want to indulge that greed. Besides, these writers want readers.

That link above also has sources for every day free eBooks.

All of the eBooks being offered here are DRM-free. So they will work on the iPad without any eejitastic copying restrictions.

The list of companies and writers sponsoring Read an eBook Week is here. There’s lots of free merch, some of which will change each day.

Of particular interest:

1) Writer Cliff Burns, who has consolidated all his free works here.

2) The list at Smashwords, which requires some labor — reading to see which are 100% free, which are 100% rebate via coupon code, and those that are pay-for with coupon code discounts. You might have to set up an account for the freebies (I’ve been there so long, I forget!), but it’s well worth it. There are actually books there worth buying. And if they’d ever fix things so I could share my library list, I could point out which ones to everybody. Note that Smashwords offers a variety of formats for some titles. Take the ePub ones. Also note that Smashwords will make you want to shotgun your screen in frustration can be aggravatingly s—l—o—w at times. Don’t bail when the delay goes beyond 3-5 seconds (the usual leniency most people give a site). Persevere!

3) Writer R.J. Keller’s Waiting For Spring at Smashwords, which is free this week.

4) And especially one of the books worth buying at Smashwords: Broken Bulbs by Eddie Wright, which grabbed me in a previous post here.

Now, in case you thought the title of this post was an exaggeration, let me show you how deeply I went into the Read an eBook Week list there tonight:

Click = big

And this is how many eBooks that had prices attached to them that I got for free:

Click = big

So, yeah. That’s a frikkin library.

How many of these will be worth having? That’s a question that I might answer if I keep this blog going past the original suite of tests I have planned for my iPad.

In the meantime, enlarge your mind. Go read a book.

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