Oscars Ad! I Said So!

Here: iPad TV Ad March 7th, Pre-Order March 8th?

And it showed something not in Steve’s demo!

I don’t have a rip of it or copy, so I’ll have to discuss it tomorrow.

UPDATE: Quick rip up on YouTube already. Unfortunately contrast is poor and the bit not shown in Steve’s demo is whited out: New video rip posted:

UPDATED AGAIN: And here it is, at about 17 seconds in. What is that, the Mail app? A whole bunch of emails(?) come flying out of the panel at the left:

That was not in the Steve Jobs demo!

Just wanted to note it was there.

Also that I was rather disappointed that it was unfocused, using the same motif as the iPhone ads, not distinguishing it as a new product.

Then again, who hasn’t heard of it already?


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