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Oscars Ad! I Said So!

Here: iPad TV Ad March 7th, Pre-Order March 8th?

And it showed something not in Steve’s demo!

I don’t have a rip of it or copy, so I’ll have to discuss it tomorrow.

UPDATE: Quick rip up on YouTube already. Unfortunately contrast is poor and the bit not shown in Steve’s demo is whited out: New video rip posted:

UPDATED AGAIN: And here it is, at about 17 seconds in. What is that, the Mail app? A whole bunch of emails(?) come flying out of the panel at the left:

That was not in the Steve Jobs demo!

Just wanted to note it was there.

Also that I was rather disappointed that it was unfocused, using the same motif as the iPhone ads, not distinguishing it as a new product.

Then again, who hasn’t heard of it already?

This Week Only: Free eBook Library For Your iPad

Read an eBook Week ended at midnight Saturday, March 13, 2010. I’ve pulled this post down a bit early so as not to confuse people popping in here on Sunday (I do sleep before midnight, Pacific Time!).

The offers here are probably now all invalid, but I’ve linked to this post in another post or two, so this will stay.

This post is a sticky for this first week of March.

It’s Read an eBook Week.

But I will not use one of their craptastic banners. Really, they could have found some designers and artists to volunteer labor.

Instead, I use this:

The forces of devolution surround us. The only way to combat them is to read books. Books enlarge a person’s mind. Books enable people to experience other points of view. Books build lives.

Yeah, I know. All you want is the free merch. You uncircumcised heathen.

Click through for that.

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