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Apple iPad 2010 Versus AT&T 1993

In 1993, the AT&T of then ran some remarkable TV ads. Some of them are compiled in this YouTube video (resolution is not the best, alas):

How many of these will the iPad be able to do? Let’s see …

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iPad Links: Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

Friends gather to remember a member of the original Macintosh team

Three Reasons Why the iPad Will Be Awesome

1995: The Internet? Bah!
The education of Nathan Myhrvold
Time To Get Out Of The Bubble And Design For The Average User
Information Content of Goods
So Now What? The Next Turf for Technology
The Secret Link to Marketing Breakthrough Products
Why I Hate Your Web App

iPhone Apps:
[iPhone App] “Downloads” App: A Sample Use Case

iPad Use:
The Apple iPad and ePub Books

A German Library for the 21st Century

Metadata is the New Black
RDF Semantic web research isn’t working

The Withering Away of Flash.

This is What You Get
Musicblogocide 2010: The Blame Game

Apple and Amazon in the battle for books

Words For Print Vs Words For Web
Solved: The mathematics of the Hollywood blockbuster

iPad Links: Friday, February 19, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

Announcing iPadDevCamp
Flickr: iPad UX Interactions (Interesting Moments)

Let Your Data Go
A Monstrous Vision For Media Reform
Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures Using Over 1,000 Shell Companies To Hide Patent Shakedown
Did Twitter Topple Toyota?
What does Apple do when it all goes pear-shaped?
How Profitable are the iPad and Kindle?

Google Books, A Library of Babel
2009: Google Book Search Goes Mobile: Teh Suckage
2009: Suckups, Suckers, And Sloppiness Mislead eBook Readers
2009: Google’s One Million eBooks Of Crap!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Flash

Using Facebook or Twitter ‘could raise your insurance premiums by 10pc’
How to contract your network privacy on the cloud
How to rob somebody using Google Buzz
School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home
Police push for warrantless searches of cell phones

iTunes/App Store:
California Senate approves ‘Amazon tax’ measure — iTunes/App Store will be next!
Apple Speeds Up Approval Process
2009: Lessons Learned Selling on the iPhone App Store
Apple Comments on Removal of Sexual-content Apps
2008: Apple Forfeits eBooks By Banning A Comic Book!
2010: A REAL Justification For Apple Censorship?
Apple adds category listings to iTunes Preview

Mac Apps:
Movist plays your movies when QuickTime can’t
Macsimum review: FolderGlance for Mac OS X will speed up your workflow
Notational Velocity, Simplenote, and Dropbox bring child-like wonder

Vook, Maker of Multimedia E-Books, Raises $2.5 Million
Will The iPad Kill The Book Industry?
Crowdfunding the creatives – should writers ask for money before they write?
Step by step guide on how to publish a book – Lessons learned from xkcd: volume 0
From Do It Yourself to Do It Together
Vimeo Video: Jules Verne cover designs by Jim Tierney

Christopher Fowler: The Beacon 2
Death, Inc.: Complete, on the website
Death, Inc.
A Lesson in Tenacity: Julie & Julia


iPad Links: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

Apple disses our DRM for iPad, Adobe says
People who read my prior blog knew this first: ePub eBooks From Apple Will Use FairPlay DRM

Advice from Steve Jobs
I Don’t Want a Freaking Computer
How Apple Will Replace the PC with the Mac
The Tablet and reading the future
Touch Based Web Browsing Will be the Death of onMouseOver
The Myth of DPI
App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)
Never Use Best Practices
Oh, for the Good Old Days to Come
A Showcase of Minimalist Workstations
The Evolution of Apple Ads
Scientist Finds PageRank-Type Algorithm from the 1940s
Hacking the iPhone App Store’s Ranking Algorithm

2007: Google thinks I’m a Crook
2007: Google – You Win…
2008: I hate Google AdSense…

iPad Disguises:
The Future of the Printed Book?

Mac Apps:
Origins of Bean
A Collection of Free iPad Icons, Tutorials and PSDs

Animation without Flash, via JavaScript:
Noby Noby Boy
iPhone screensnap of above (thanks, Brandon!)

iTunes/App Store:
The iTunes Stores are moving to the Web
— usually I won’t add comments to these links, but this is very significant and a development I never considered. I kept looking through the lens of the proprietary iTunes software. If Apple really sheds the iTunes Store and App Store to the web, it means anyone will be able to sell an app or eBook or anything — and Apple simply remains behind the scenes as a PayPal-like middleman. Actually, this is more likely than the scenario I saw coming. Money — like people — likes to take the path of least resistance and this would be it for Apple. iTunes ID as a universal purchasing ID and the currency is credit/debit card or the iTunes Gift Card available in a gazillion stores.

PDF On The iPhone
More PDF On The iPhone

$53,000 profit in 3 months… from books: Reasons to self-publish, or start your own niche publishing company (& reasons not to)

David Hewson: Ebook for sale – Epiphany is back
David Hewson: Smashwords: Epiphany

The Coming DMCA Shitstorm:
Victoria Strauss — Fruitloops Galore

Migrating From to
10 Effective Ways To Secure Your WordPress Blog Down, Disable WordPress Stats or You Will Go Down Too

iPad Links: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

Minimal Mac
Machine Methods
Sweet Mac Setups
Apple’s iPad running Mobile Safari (with video)
Tumblr Stole My Domain At The Behest of A Corporation

iPad News Reader Applications with Google Reader Support

Mac Apps:
My Name is Jack Mills: A free interactive fiction novel for your Mac

ShrinkIt shrinks your PDFs

Conde Nast Plans iPad Mag Versions
Wired app for iPad avoids Apple’s Flash blockade, ePub format
Webnovela: Don Juan En La Frontera Del Espiritu

Publishing Tech:
HTML5. Why publishers should care and what they can expect from HTML editor developers

I killed my eBook blog, but what writers are up to in terms of digital publishing is still an interest of mine, especially now with the iPad coming.

Warren Ellis’s Shivering Sands
Declan Burke and a writers’ co-op: You Say You Want A Revolution …
Christopher Fowler awakens: The Beacon
Cliff Burns agitating: The Importance of a Critical Community

iPad Links: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

MWC 2010: AR comes to ebooks
‘Obscene’ U.S. Manga Collector Jailed 6 Months
iPad is to Media as iPod Was To Music Industry: Magazines are to Articles as Albums are to Songs

Adobe warns of new Reader, Flash holes
Report: Malicious PDF files comprised 80 percent of all exploits for 2009

iPhone Explorer: File Control at Last
Review: Find In Page App For Mobile Safari
tweetTV – Watch Twitter Like TV by Twittelator makers Big Stone Phone

Mac Apps:
Ulysses 2.0, the Zen of processing text
Tune Up brings order to your iTunes music

Ave!Comics on the iPad
TED 2010: Wired for the iPad to Launch by Summer
Introducing a New Digital Magazine Experience
Episode: Transforming the Magazine Experience with WIRED
Pixel Mags

Publishing Business:
Publishers fear the bite of Apple’s revenue model
Report: Newspapers, Magazines Balking at iBook Information Demands
Publishers Brewing A Battle Against Apple iPad’s Pricing, User Data Control
The iParanoid Scenario

Will The iPad Break The App Store? Yes.

Apple’s App Store will suffer its first crisis this year, thanks to the iPad.

At the iPad’s introduction, Steve Jobs made a point about how pixel doubling will enable all current iPhone apps to run on the iPad.

This may be so … but who in their right mind wants to run iPhone apps on the iPad?

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I really did not want to post here until I got an iPad.

But I’ve been collecting iPad links in Diigo — and that’s just a recipe for future madness.

So from time to time I will be dropping all those links in a post here so I’ll have them easily available.

And there’s at least one other post I need to do too.


The Me-Too Media Me-Toos Again!

The eBook Test
January 30, 2010: ePub eBooks From Apple Will Use FairPlay DRM

Los Angeles Times
February 15, 2010: Apple to wrap digital books in FairPlay copy protection

My Prior Apple/iPad Posts

One Commenter has the bizarre impression that I have a hate for the iPad and this blog is already biased.

Oh no no no, how wrong he is!

It’s my, ahem, talent to usually get new tech to crash within a few minutes of using it. Because I want to use it, not just play with it like a toy.

I was at the Apple Store yesterday using an iPhone and got Safari to crash within minutes of using Google Books. Google Books is something I’d want to use on it.

This is what’s in store for my iPad: the kind of torment most people won’t be applying to it because they’ll be satisfied with it for minor tasks. I intend to put it to hard, hard work.

I look forward to the iPad making many things easier for me — but it’s the limits of it I’ll be testing. Because I want to seriously use it.

So, yes, you can expect this blog to highlight the shortcomings I’ll run into, but you can also be sure there will be praise — just look at my past Apple/iPad posts.

I’ve made separate pages for these links because putting them in this post would be way too much.

Page for Mike Cane’s Blog posts

Page for Mike Cane 2008 posts

Page for The eBook Test posts