iPad Links: Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order. These posts will likely be discontinued once an iPad is in hand.

Not in their front yard
Apple Stacks The Deck Against Amazon’s Kindle App

If You Can Type, You Can Create Movies
Stealth Mode is Stupid: Why Your Ideas Don’t Matter
Nokia CEO Stung by IPhone Aims to Outdo Jobs With Apps and Maps
Parallel Computing: Why the Future Is Non-Algorithmic (repost)

In Praise Of Inefficiency: A Manifesto

Big change in the tech world
The Awful Anti-Pirate System That Will Probably Work
Publish and be deleted

The Best of Journalism (2009)

Friday Interview: Liza Daly & Ibis Reader
Video and Books: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together?
iPhone Plants vs. Zombies Earns $1M in First Nine Days

Why Flash Doesn’t Suck

/sarcasm Thank you Apple for not including Flash on the iPhone I’m so glad I don’t get to watch things like this:

EOF – The Google Exposure

Sindice: The Semantic Web Index
Bueda API Turns Tags into RDF URIs

Who Will Watch The Watchmen?
Epic Fail in Congress: USA PATRIOT Act Renewed Without Any New Civil Liberties Protections

Tools of Change 2010: Observations and Impressions
This Manuscript Hires People
Content strategy is, in fact, the next big thing

UI/Web Design:
UI 2.0 – Emotional Software on the iPad
Toward a better tablet OS, part 1
Toward a better tablet OS, part 2
iPad User Experience Guidelines
These are your users… read and be horrified
How to get better at UI design
More Multi-touch Links

29 Jobs and a Million Lies
Free PDF: defiant: Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times
Writer’s Digest Magazine Digital Subscription


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