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iPad Links: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order. These posts will likely be discontinued once an iPad is in hand.

Happy 55th Birthday Steve Jobs: Tribute to the Apple Icon
Steve Jobs Admits Apple iPad Rumor Mill Malfunction

Is Apple Preparing To Add An ‘Explicit’ Section To The App Store?
App ‘Censorship’ Has German Tabloid Fighting Mad

On MicroSD Problems
Open Standards, Open Source
FSF: Why I Will Not Sign the Public Domain Manifesto
They Don’t Make Computer Manuals Like They Used To
A Floating Office in Every Dock

Typographic fun on the iPhone

Don’t Call It an iPad App!

Serious threat to the web in Italy
When It Doesn’t Pay to Be Google’s Guinea Pig
How my site disappeared from Google search

Nathan Myhrvold:
Software patents are the problem not the answer
Brilliant inventor or patent troll?

Augmented Identity
Augmented Identity App Helps You Identify Strangers on the Street

Web Design:
2010 – Beginning of a Touch and Gesture Future?
Saul Bass: the designer should care about design
My two year old can scroll
The Politics of Design
1993 Steve Jobs interview about working with Paul Rand
Showcase of Great Web App Interfaces

What Is the Future of Online News?
Loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga
Build around your discovery mechanism

Steve Almond
Self-published This Won’t Take But a Minute, Honey Harvard Bookstore Bestseller
Twitter: Brazil: A Novel
Avatar Plug Of The Week Part One – Warren Ellis’ Captain Swing And The Electrical Pirates Of Cindery Island

System-Declared Uniform Type Identifiers
Image Metadata and UIImagePickerController