Apple iPad 2010 Versus AT&T 1993

In 1993, the AT&T of then ran some remarkable TV ads. Some of them are compiled in this YouTube video (resolution is not the best, alas):

How many of these will the iPad be able to do? Let’s see …

First ad:
1 – eBook – YES
2 – GPS – YES
3 – fax – YES

Second ad:
1 – Pay toll – NO
2 – Concert tickets – YES
3 – Tuck in abandoned child – NO

Third ad:
1 – Unlock door – NO
2 – Medical history – YES
3 – Remote meeting – YES

Fourth ad:
1 – Video on Demand – YES
2 – Remote teaching – YES
3 – Tuck in abandoned child – NO

Out of eleven (the child is in there twice!), that’s eight it can do. I cheated a bit with medical history — I’m sure we’ll see An App For That. I also cheated a bit on the remote meeting — use Skype for audio-only. I did not cheat with remote teaching — there’s already iTunes U, and I count that as a Yes.

Update: JBelkin in a Comment points to a previous post someone else did comparing the iPhone to those AT&T ads. It includes the wonderful home automation scenario not in the above collection. See: AT&T 1990’s “You Will” Ads Coming True – With an iPhone!


4 responses to “Apple iPad 2010 Versus AT&T 1993

  1. Hey… The ZipCar App will unlock the door of a rented Zipcar… Does THAT count for unlocking doors?

  2. Technically, you can add to your toll account via the web and yea, there is a remote app for unlocking your car door and your home automation so if you have a keypad door lock …

    From March 2009 …

  3. Hm, it’s 50-50. It’s a door, but not the door to a home/apartment. I don’t know I’m keen on an iPad doing doors anyway. To have to dig out something that large is problematic. iPhone/iPod is better for that.

  4. Hah! That’s a better post than mine! Will add it to my own post as an Update. Thanks!