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iPad Links: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

Apple disses our DRM for iPad, Adobe says
People who read my prior blog knew this first: ePub eBooks From Apple Will Use FairPlay DRM

Advice from Steve Jobs
I Don’t Want a Freaking Computer
How Apple Will Replace the PC with the Mac
The Tablet and reading the future
Touch Based Web Browsing Will be the Death of onMouseOver
The Myth of DPI
App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)
Never Use Best Practices
Oh, for the Good Old Days to Come
A Showcase of Minimalist Workstations
The Evolution of Apple Ads
Scientist Finds PageRank-Type Algorithm from the 1940s
Hacking the iPhone App Store’s Ranking Algorithm

2007: Google thinks I’m a Crook
2007: Google – You Win…
2008: I hate Google AdSense…

iPad Disguises:
The Future of the Printed Book?

Mac Apps:
Origins of Bean
A Collection of Free iPad Icons, Tutorials and PSDs

Animation without Flash, via JavaScript:
Noby Noby Boy
iPhone screensnap of above (thanks, Brandon!)

iTunes/App Store:
The iTunes Stores are moving to the Web
— usually I won’t add comments to these links, but this is very significant and a development I never considered. I kept looking through the lens of the proprietary iTunes software. If Apple really sheds the iTunes Store and App Store to the web, it means anyone will be able to sell an app or eBook or anything — and Apple simply remains behind the scenes as a PayPal-like middleman. Actually, this is more likely than the scenario I saw coming. Money — like people — likes to take the path of least resistance and this would be it for Apple. iTunes ID as a universal purchasing ID and the currency is credit/debit card or the iTunes Gift Card available in a gazillion stores.

PDF On The iPhone
More PDF On The iPhone

$53,000 profit in 3 months… from books: Reasons to self-publish, or start your own niche publishing company (& reasons not to)

David Hewson: Ebook for sale – Epiphany is back
David Hewson: Smashwords: Epiphany

The Coming DMCA Shitstorm:
Victoria Strauss — Fruitloops Galore

Migrating From WordPress.com to WordPress.org
10 Effective Ways To Secure Your WordPress Blog
WordPress.com Down, Disable WordPress Stats or You Will Go Down Too