iPad Links: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

MWC 2010: AR comes to ebooks
‘Obscene’ U.S. Manga Collector Jailed 6 Months
iPad is to Media as iPod Was To Music Industry: Magazines are to Articles as Albums are to Songs

Adobe warns of new Reader, Flash holes
Report: Malicious PDF files comprised 80 percent of all exploits for 2009

iPhone Explorer: File Control at Last
Review: Find In Page App For Mobile Safari
tweetTV – Watch Twitter Like TV by Twittelator makers Big Stone Phone

Mac Apps:
Ulysses 2.0, the Zen of processing text
Tune Up brings order to your iTunes music

Ave!Comics on the iPad
TED 2010: Wired for the iPad to Launch by Summer
Introducing a New Digital Magazine Experience
Episode: Transforming the Magazine Experience with WIRED
Pixel Mags

Publishing Business:
Publishers fear the bite of Apple’s revenue model
Report: Newspapers, Magazines Balking at iBook Information Demands
Publishers Brewing A Battle Against Apple iPad’s Pricing, User Data Control
The iParanoid Scenario

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