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iPad Links: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff directly or indirectly for or about the iPad, in no real order.

MWC 2010: AR comes to ebooks
‘Obscene’ U.S. Manga Collector Jailed 6 Months
iPad is to Media as iPod Was To Music Industry: Magazines are to Articles as Albums are to Songs

Adobe warns of new Reader, Flash holes
Report: Malicious PDF files comprised 80 percent of all exploits for 2009

iPhone Explorer: File Control at Last
Review: Find In Page App For Mobile Safari
tweetTV – Watch Twitter Like TV by Twittelator makers Big Stone Phone

Mac Apps:
Ulysses 2.0, the Zen of processing text
Tune Up brings order to your iTunes music

Ave!Comics on the iPad
TED 2010: Wired for the iPad to Launch by Summer
Introducing a New Digital Magazine Experience
Episode: Transforming the Magazine Experience with WIRED
Pixel Mags

Publishing Business:
Publishers fear the bite of Apple’s revenue model
Report: Newspapers, Magazines Balking at iBook Information Demands
Publishers Brewing A Battle Against Apple iPad’s Pricing, User Data Control
The iParanoid Scenario

Will The iPad Break The App Store? Yes.

Apple’s App Store will suffer its first crisis this year, thanks to the iPad.

At the iPad’s introduction, Steve Jobs made a point about how pixel doubling will enable all current iPhone apps to run on the iPad.

This may be so … but who in their right mind wants to run iPhone apps on the iPad?

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I really did not want to post here until I got an iPad.

But I’ve been collecting iPad links in Diigo — and that’s just a recipe for future madness.

So from time to time I will be dropping all those links in a post here so I’ll have them easily available.

And there’s at least one other post I need to do too.