My Prior Apple/iPad Posts

One Commenter has the bizarre impression that I have a hate for the iPad and this blog is already biased.

Oh no no no, how wrong he is!

It’s my, ahem, talent to usually get new tech to crash within a few minutes of using it. Because I want to use it, not just play with it like a toy.

I was at the Apple Store yesterday using an iPhone and got Safari to crash within minutes of using Google Books. Google Books is something I’d want to use on it.

This is what’s in store for my iPad: the kind of torment most people won’t be applying to it because they’ll be satisfied with it for minor tasks. I intend to put it to hard, hard work.

I look forward to the iPad making many things easier for me — but it’s the limits of it I’ll be testing. Because I want to seriously use it.

So, yes, you can expect this blog to highlight the shortcomings I’ll run into, but you can also be sure there will be praise — just look at my past Apple/iPad posts.

I’ve made separate pages for these links because putting them in this post would be way too much.

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2 responses to “My Prior Apple/iPad Posts

  1. Nunuvyer Bizniz

    Fair enough. To put my point more politely, I see iPad as being aimed at consumers, not power users. My guess is it will have great success among people who have been using a computer for 10 years but still don’t know how to do anything but surf & check email, can’t configure anything, and ask you for the 8th time how to copy & paste. The idea here is that the Computer, as we have known it, is going away, and getting replaced with specific functionality that most people use. Whatever you want, there will be an app for it, with near-zero learning curve. The application development stampede for iPad is the key to its success, and it will likely get more powerful and versatile over time.

  2. Oh sure, I know who it’s aimed at, but that won’t stop me.