I Might Do This

I hate all the tech hoor blogs.

Hate them with a passion.

They’re all ass-kissers who never tell the truth.

And when they do tell the truth, it’s so mealy-mouthed as to be useless.

If you’ve seen my other blogs, you know that I’m not afraid to say something is shit when it is indeed shit.

I intend to get an iPad.

And I intend to use the hell out of it.

So I figured I should give some back once I have it.

People out there will have questions. Maybe this blog will be able to provide some answers as I torment the bloody hell out of my iPad.

I don’t intend this blog to be long-lived.

I will do what I want with my iPad and then probably stop posting.

But as I ramp up with my iPad, I will document everything here so other people will be warned about possible pitfalls.

I have specific things I intend to do with my iPad. I won’t detail them right now. You’ll have to tune in to see what they are.

That’s if I do this blog.

But, dammit, someone has to do something like this.

And that someone is usually — sometimes inevitably — me.

Expect the template and appearance to change as I work on this.

In the meantime, I’m not going to waste my time with What-If or Look-At-This-Shiny-Thing waste-of-time posts.

Posting will begin in earnest when I have an iPad.


9 responses to “I Might Do This

  1. I already want to get an iPad. I don’t expect it to be perfect, but will use it mostly for web browsing, email, Twitter, video podcasts. I already have a Kindle 2i & don’t expect it to replace that, although it might be good if I can get my own PDFs into it. I don’t know how locked down it will be though.
    Anyway, I want to say I look forward to reading your honest opinion on the iPad.

  2. This should be very interesting. Hope you get the absolute base model and not the top-of-the-line for a true torture test.

  3. Nunuvyer Bizniz

    Nobody will care what you think, since it’s obvious you have hostile preconceptions about iPad. Also, once iPad is released, your self-absorbed twaddle will be lost in the sea of praise for iPad as people wake up to just how cool and game-changing this device really is.

  4. Oh I think you’ll be back.

  5. Excellent idea, Mike.

    I’m on Apple’s list to be notified when the iPad is available for ordering. I realize there will be shortcomings and flaws but I’m prepared to live with that.

  6. No. 16GBs is not enough storage for me. It’ll most likely be 64GBs. I need the space.

  7. The iPad will not be a MacBook Pro without the keyboard. I hope you’re not disappointed with that.

  8. I intend to get a keyboard for it. What good is iWork without a real keyboard? Only good for editing — but what is there to edit if it hasn’t been typed in first? (I mean my own stuff, not stuff emailed to me, of course.)

  9. I’m just waiting to see if you really follow through with buying an iPad. I’ve hoped for a long time that you would finally break down and buy an iPhone to replace that relic of a Palm Lifedrive you use.

    I do hope you buy one though – I can’t wait to see what you have to say when you start putting one through the paces.